Faithful Forgiveness

As a woman wept in regret for her wrongdoings at the feet of Jesus, soaking His sandals with her sorrow and then wiping them clean with her hair, she then poured out precious perfume on His feet and He lovingly looked on and accepted her humble offering.  In return, Jesus extended forgiveness and His glorious grace and granted her access to His forever family.  One who entered as an accused outcast, left knowing she was lavishly loved by the Lord and accepted unconditionally. (see Luke 7:37 & 38)

What a powerful recognition of both a woman’s sin, and her way to be forgiven.  She knew the magnitude of her mess, yet felt the forgiveness and favor that Jesus was willing and wanting to give.  Her acts of humility and faith were recognized as she was redeemed.  She who had been forgiven much, was empowered to love all the more. 

I am a sinful soul, saved by surrender to my Savior.  His presence provides safety so that I may confess to and commune with Christ.  He speaks softly to my soul and restores me to right relationship with Him each time I earnestly ask.  He does not grow weary of my weakness.  He waits lovingly for me to draw near.  His grace is always sufficient, no matter what I have or have not done.  What an incredible treasure I find in the faithfulness of He who forever forgives my faults and always chooses to love me  well.

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