Remarkable Recognition

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” – Luke 2:19  This verse is in reference to the miraculous moments surrounding her son, the Savior.  Each time the inexplicable occurred, she recognized the magnitude of the moment and committed it to memory.  Every instance of God’s goodness and grace was intentionally internalized and treasured in her heart.

God moves and makes miracles occur everyday.  I need to recognize and remember each work of the Remarkable, so that which is stored in my soul sustains and reminds me of His great faithfulness when things get rough.  His goodness is not dependent on my faithfulness, yet my capacity to catch and carry the treasure He is providing is directly connected to where I fix my eyes.  If I am looking to Him, I am quick to recognize His tender touch and loving light  in each occurrence.  When my eyes are averted, I miss the miraculous provided by my Maker. 

I want to see and savor every treasure He entrusts to me. 

Lord, may my heart be made tender to Your touch and my eyes firmly focused on You.

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