Hope in Him

“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I put my hope.” – Psalm 130:5  As I wait on God, hope is found in the promises of His word.

When I quiet my heart and make still my soul before Him, His presence is provided and peace is found.  As I spend time in His word and seek His face, I am reminded that my hope is in He alone.  My hope is not dependent on how quickly He answers, rather it is supplied as I pursue His promises and trust that they are true for me, regardless of my circumstance.  Hope is not about the waiting and wanting of worldly things, rather it is in knowing that I will one day see His face and spend forever in His eternal presence.

Waiting is not my favorite thing to do, as I have grown so accustomed to the rapid-paced world in which I reside.  If I am hungry, I can drive up, order, and have my meal in moments.  If I am thirsty, I need only go so far as the sink and fill my cup.  If I need to communicate with someone I can text, email, call or Skype at the touch of a few buttons.  If I need supplies, I can drive to a store in a matter of minutes and find and purchase whatever I wish.  This instant gratifications creates an expectation for God to operate the same way.  Though I may speak to Him through thinking thoughts or saying a spoken prayer, my mind and heart are called to trust that His answer comes in His timing, not my own.  I may think I know what I want or need, but He alone knows best and responds accordingly.  Often it is in the waiting that I find my heart is held and His presence has provided the hope that I was in search of all along.  As I study His word, His character calms my core and reminds me again of the remarkable ways of my Redeemer.

God is still God and I am not.  I must relinquish the reigns and have faith that He can work every situation for the good of those who love Him.  Release of my stubborn self-sufficiency gives way to the strength of my Savior’s great love for me and His willingness to lead and guide me to His very best for me.  Sometimes it is in the waiting that the greatest gifts are given.  He grants glimpses of His glory that is yet to come.  In this, He strengthens and equips my heart to hold onto my hope in eternity, as I surrender my timeline to Him.

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