A Call to Prayer



Today is a different sort of post, as I am asking that all who read this might consider taking a moment to join me in praying for a dear friend of mine. Anne is a treasured friend and warrior in Christ, who has been battling cancer for many years. It began with breast cancer in 2004, which then manifested into bone cancer a few years ago, and as of Monday, more was discovered via brain scan, following several horrific migraines in the last month or so. This is no ordinary woman. To look at her, you would never know the battle that she has been enduring. She works full-time, she is an Irish dancer, a hiker, a prayer warrior, a doer, and an altogether wonderful friend to many. When she told me about her scan results, she was more concerned with how I was doing in response, than herself. Fortunately, faith found foothold, and my response was and will remain, “I am and will continue to pray for your complete and total healing until the day I hear an audible voice saying that it is time to take you home.” I believe that He has great and glorious things in store for Anne, and that He will continue to use her tests as an incredible testimony of His power and faithfulness. The following is what I wrote for Anne on Monday evening after returning home from our time together after she had told me of her most recent news:

To Fight (for Anne)

Weary warrior

we will fight.

Our Father’s daughter –

His delight.

Fear must flee

and courage come.

He’ll fight the fight,

the victory’s won.

May peace surround

and warmth embrace;

May grace and goodness

fill your space.

As near to you

as your next breath,

the Warrior fights,

He’s conquered death.

Health and hope

and healing hand,

all gifts from Him –

purpose; divine in plan.

Peace to you,

and strength as well,

for by His stripes –

your story to tell.

This morning, Anne will be going in for an MRI to identify exactly what they are dealing with. My prayer is that as the doctor reviews the results this afternoon, her jaw will hit the floor in wonder, as she is completely baffled as to why she sees no trace of cancer anywhere. Will you join me in praying the same? I asked Anne if she would be okay with me posting about her today, and she was most appreciative, as she knows just how powerful the prayers of His people can be.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You are our Healer. Thank You that You knit Anne’s body together in her mother’s womb and You know even the number of hairs on her head. Nothing is impossible for You. Lord Jesus, I believe in Your mighty power to heal. Will You come and display that power on Anne today? Touch her body, remove every cancerous cell, grant her strength, and health and wholeness, I pray. Father, please turn this that seems impossible, into the possible made perfect in Your plan. Be her peace Jesus, as she goes. Holy Spirit, grant us the words to pray and the prompting to press in. Thank You in advance, for the amazing healing that You are about to do in Anne. May many come to know You as Lord and King as a result of her testimony. Amen.

*If you pray and get a specific word for Anne, or wish to offer encouragement, please feel free to leave a comment or a like and I will print them out and deliver them to her this weekend. Thanks again dear friends! Also, for more about her battle, I wrote another post about her faithful fight called Temple of Trust.

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