Beholding His Healing

Beholding His Healing
Up to Bethesda,

with its colonnades;

people with great need,

wait with hope each day.

A paralyzed man,

who’d waited for years;

approached by Jesus,

the Savior came near.

Jesus asked the man,

“Do you want your health?”

“Sir, I have no help,

nor physical wealth.”

To him Jesus said,

“Grab your mat and walk.”

At once he was cured,

and with Jews he talked.

Rather than marvel,

at this miracle;

they spoke of the law,

he did not fulfill.

They asked of the One,

who had healed the man;

he knew not Jesus,

nor what He had planned.

Later Jesus found,

the man He had healed,

“Stop now, your sinning,”

His truth was revealed.

From that very day,

the truth he did speak;

he told of Jesus,

Healer of the weak.


(Responding to John 5:1-15)


Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that while we were still blind and crippled by our own sinfulness, You came close so that we might become whole in You.  Thank You that You are our Healer of mind, body, heart and soul.  Forgive us for seeking answers anywhere other than You.  Teach us to trust You completely, and to obey whatever You ask.  May our weaknesses be strengths in You, and may we too, tell our stories of Your great faithfulness in our lives.  Let the words of our mouth point people to You.  May many come to know You, as we share of Your great love.  Amen.


© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present