What is Right and Good

Do what is right and good in the Lord’s sight, so that it may go well with you… – (Deuteronomy 6:18a, NIV)

You must do what is right and good – what pleases the Lord. Then everything will go well for you… – (Deuteronomy 6:18a, ERV)

Do the things He considers right and good. Then everything will go well for you… – (Deuteronomy 6:18a, VOICE)

We are called to do what is right and good in the sight of the Lord. The only way that we come to know and understand what that is, is through a relationship with Christ. As a child, the more we spent time with and listened to our parents, the more in tune we became with what was good and right in their eyes. It is the same with Jesus. Spending time in the word, worship, and in prayer, teaches us what is right and good to God. If our words and actions align with loving God and loving people we are following after God’s own heart. What goes well for us is the hope we gain in knowing and following after the Lord. May we ever seek the Lord to lead us in what is good and right and rely on Him to strengthen us to follow His ways throughout all of our days.

To do what is right,

And that which is good;

What pleases the Lord,

Is love understood.

For we are all called,

To choose love the Lord;

The work of His hands,

All that He adores.

Rise up and seek Him,

He’ll show us the way;

To love as He loves,

And do good each day.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your goodness and grace that cleanses us from our past mistakes and leads us forward in the comfort of knowing that we are forgiven and loved and equipped to do likewise. Forgive us for the times that we have not chosen to do what is right and good, despite knowing what that is. Lead us in Your loving kindness toward all as You intended. Show us how to love those around us with purpose. May many come into a lasting relationship with You. Be glorified O God, as we seek You to lead us in what is right and good so that we may ever bring glory to Your Name.

© Shannon Elizabeth Grabrick and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him. – Psalm 34:8

Palm Sunday

Jesus was in the center of the procession, and the people all around Him were shouting, “Praise God! Blessings on the One who comes in the Name of the Lord!” – (Mark 11:9, NLT)

Running ahead and following after, they were calling out, Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in God’s Name! Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David! Hosanna in the highest heaven! – (Mark 11:9, MSG)


Today is Palm Sunday. This is the day that we remember Jesus making His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, just days prior to the last supper, the betrayal of Judas Iscariot, the crucifixion, and ultimately, His resurrection. On Palm Sunday, as He returned to Jerusalem, Jesus was actually welcomed as the One who saves. People praised God as He passed by, threw palm branches before Him, and even their own cloaks so that Christ would not walk on the filth of a regular road. Jesus was given the honor that was due, yet the hearts of the people were still not quite grasping how His reign would come to be. They wanted Jesus to overthrow the Roman rulers right then and there, rather than reign in their hearts and rescue them from their sin and shame. God’s ways are far greater than ours, and it is often difficult to grasp the greater good when we want immediate relief. May we ever remember that despite what we see, God has our very best in mind. He sees and He knows what is and will be, and His ways are higher and greater than ours.


Triumphal entry,Palm Sunday

All honor is due;

To the God who saves,

All praise unto You.

Let us ever praise,

Despite what we see;

Your ways are higher,

Help me trust in Thee.

Thank You, Lord Jesus,

That all’s in Your hands;

You take willing hearts,

And lead in Your plans.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that like the people of Jerusalem, though we might not fully understand what You have in mind, our hearts long to give You praise. Thank You that You show us Your will and Your way, and strengthen and equip us to do as You say. Forgive us for the times that we run the wrong direction in search of security or relief, when You are all we need to successfully navigate every obstacle and trial. Teach us to trust You more, so that we would run to You, trusting Your way, despite what we see, as whatever we go through here and now is temporary in comparison to our eternity that is to come. Show us how to love those around us with kindness and grace, so that they may see the hope we hold in You. May many come into a lasting relationship with You. Be glorified O God, as we remember the magnitude of the sacrifice You made for us. Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; …write them on the tablet of your heart. – Proverbs 3:3