Action Gives Weight to Words

Action Gives Weight to WordsBe quick to listen,

and be slow to speak;

slow to get angry,

turn to God and seek.

Man’s anger will not,

bring a righteous life;

God does not desire,

such meaningless strife.

Get rid of all filth,

evil that prevails;

humbly trust His word,

His truth never fails.

We must not just listen,

we must also do;

all that He asks us,

we must see it through.

Faith without action,

is not faith at all;

empty words will lead,

to destructive fall.

For when we follow,

God’s word as He asks;

we find true freedom,

our blessing that lasts.

(Responding to James 1:19-25)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that we are called to be more than just hearers of Your word. Thank You that You ask and equip us to put our faith in action. Forgive us for our empty words and our inactivity, and teach us how to live a life that is continually built on setting our faith into action. Show us what You desire from each of us, and help us to be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger, and persistent in trusting in Your promises. May our lives be led in such a way that our words, Your word, holds weight in the world around us, because we are living out our faith with action. May many come to know You through our active obedience to all that You ask. Let Your light shine bright in each of us. Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present