The Look of Love

“This is my command: Love each other.” – John 15:17

Jesus did not mince words with His disciples.  He kept it simple and straightforward – Love each other.  If we do, then we inadvertently will abide by the commandments as well.

image by Kimberly B

image by Kimberly B

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to brave the crowds, and went out to try to finish up some of the last of my shopping.  Typically, this time of year is a total zoo, and people tend to neglect manners and niceties in their attempt to acquire more stuff.  However, yesterday was different.  When my first stop took me into the grocery store for one quick item, I picked a line where I was third.  Third in line a few days before Christmas on a Saturday, was super.  To my astonishment, the lady in the front of the line with a full cart, signaled the gal in front of me to go before her, as she only had a handful of items.  As I was grinning to myself at her act of kindness, her love for another, she then looked at me, smiled, and said, “go ahead, I am not in a hurry.”  I smiled, asked a quick, “are you sure?”, thanked her, wished her a very Merry Christmas through my ear-to-ear grin, and was able to exit much more quickly than anticipated.

At the mall, I witnessed similar sentiment, as shoppers seemed to slow down and smile more, perhaps taking time to appreciate the ability to even be out at all.

Though the 26 Acts of Kindness may or may not be intentionally answering Jesus’ command to love one another, it most certainly and wonderfully does just that.  Despite the devastation and heartache, people are choosing to love.  Love, brings healing.  What an awesome God we serve, who has begun to build beauty out of ashes already, as we prepare to celebrate His blessed birth.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You did not just say, “Love one another,” but You sent Your Son, Jesus, to show us what love looks like.  Thank You for loving us so that we might know love and pass it on.  Forgive us for not always preferring one another, and lead us to consider others, so that we might love like You.  Lead us Lord, to love selflessly, so that many may see You, by and through our love.  Amen.

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