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  1. Hi there, I found this image on Google and would love to use it on a blog I have, with your permission and with a link to the webpage on your site. If not, that’s ok too. Best wishes.

  2. Thanks so much, it’s a beautiful photo and a great shot. I’ve put a copyright sign with your name and a link to the page. Best wishes for a great New Year.

  3. Hi Shannon. I love this post! Everyone must be aware that peace is a characteristic that is exclusive to the Holy Spirit. There is a difference between serenity and peace. Serenity is external calm that is reliant on perception by the flesh. Peace is an internal state of being that the world can’t give or take away. Our willingness to bring peace into a situation directly relates to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and/or deed.😄

  4. The picture on ‘To Walk In Worship’ – silhouette of a woman with hands raised on blue background … I am interesting in using that picture for a poetry booklet. Would I be able to use it if I gave the credit to you?

    • Hi Tracy, I found this image on google images, so I do not have copyright ownership of it. If you google worship, and click on images, you might find it. I should not get any credit for the image, as it is not mine. I recall searching for whom to give credit, and never could find the original owner… Best wishes to you with your poetry booklet! 🙂

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