I am a woman that wears numerous “hats” in my daily life.  Some of these include: mother, sister, friend, teacher, coach, artist, housekeeper, errand runner, taxi driver, etc…

The most important hat is the one which determines that I am a child of God.  I have shown a crown, as it is a reminder that I am the daughter of the King.  It is only in this place that I am able to be the person that I am meant to become.  These writings are revelations that I am discovering as I find joy in the journey and He teaches me to overcome obstacles and walk victoriously in Him.

God often reveals His heart and His truth for me through images, so the images that are included in my posts speak specifically to me, or visually represent His heart for me.

It is my hope that you may somehow hear God’s own heart for you, as you read what I have recorded on these pages.  Blessings of  joy to you as you walk out your own journey!

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present



Okay, since I am not really wanting to post this on the main page, and it is a deal that asks me to reveal more information about myself, I figure this is the appropriate place to post this…

Thank you to http://throughhimwithhiminhim.wordpress.com for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.  If you have not visited her blog, please do.  I love the way that she weaves together words and images to glorify God.

The deal is that I am to share ten things that you may not know about me and pass on this award…

1.  I am the proud mother of twin thirteen-year-old boys.  They are my joy and keep my life very full!

2. For me, driving must be accompanied by loud singing.  If you see me driving, I am likely singing.  Don’t worry, you can pretend you don’t know me, as I am sure it looks a bit odd…

3. Color keeps life interesting.  This is why I love nature, art, fabric, texture, adjectives…

4.  I am a middle school English and Art teacher and gymnastics coach and I LOVE my job!

5.  Friends are my lifeline for maintaining sanity and staying grounded.

6.  If an activity requires movement, especially outdoors, I love it!

7.  Coffee talk with a close friend is a glimpse of heaven on earth.

8.  There is nothing sweeter nor more likely to fill my heart to overflowing than family snuggle time with my boys.

9.  I am an early riser.  I have made friends with 4am so that I may spend time with Him in the quiet stillness to start my day.

10.  My hope and prayer is that in all that I do and say, His light might be evident in me.

Please check out the blogs below, as I think you will enjoy them as much as I do!  I am passing this Kreativ Blogger Award to: