The Desert Road

As I continue in my study of Acts, I so appreciate the sensitivity of Philip to the Lord’s leading.  He was told to “Go south to the road – the desert road – that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” – (Acts 8:26) Despite Philip’s successful ministry in Samaria, he was quick to obey what was asked of him, without even asking why.  He simply got up and went.

Philip’s obedience led to an extraordinary encounter with an Ethiopian eunuch. (an important official in charge of the queen of Ethiopia’s treasury) This man had traveled to Jerusalem to worship, yet had not yet heard the great news of Jesus.  While Philip was walking on his way, he came upon the man as he was reading Isaiah, seated in his chariot, on the side of the road.  Again, Philip followed the Father’s prompting, and went to the man, as he had been told, and ultimately explained how the passage the Ethiopian was reading was speaking of Jesus.  Philip was able to tell him of all that Jesus had done, and all the good new that was available to him.  The eunuch responded right away, and wanted to be baptized.  Right after his baptism, the Spirit of the Lord took Philip away.  The eunuch went on his way rejoicing, and was now equipped to share his experience with others.

In my own experience, I know this to be true.  As a teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching Social Studies, U.S. History, Art,  and Language Arts.  I had been stuck in a cycle of teach Mathematics for several years, and was burned out.  Finally, I had returned to Language Arts and U.S. History, and was thrilled.  At year’s end, my principal asked me if I would be willing to teach Reading Intervention the following year.  My first question was, “How am I qualified to teach that?”  His reply encouraged me to go ahead and wander into the desert, despite my inexperience with teaching struggling readers.  (As did the still small voice in my spirit) One step of willing obedience, has led to a position that I would not trade for anything.  I am now in my third year as the Reading Intervention teacher, and I LOVE teaching struggling readers.  I get to see the “a-ha’s” and the successes, regularly.  I get to know and love kids, that typically are difficult to know and love, in the tradition classroom setting.

Often, what we are called to do, does not make sense.  Calls can seem to be a demotion of sorts, or a send-off into the desert.  However, each time the call is answered and obeyed, the result is nothing short of remarkable.  At times, it takes a great deal of walking before we seem to hear the next step, yet the obedient walking is somehow always a preparation for the next leg of the journey.  May we be sensitive to His voice, and quick to make the choice to do as we are asked.

Ready to go,The Desert Road

leaving all behind;

willing to trust,

know we’re on His mind.

Steps to obey,

by faith we shall walk;

let momentum,

be our faith-filled talk.

See not the sand,

but trust in Him more;

He paves the path,

and leads us to shore.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You love us so much, that You call us to partner with You on this journey.  Thank You that You use us and work in us and through us, when we are willing to answer Your call.  Thank You that You are faithful, always.  Forgive us for questioning Your call, or for fearing that we are not qualified.  Thank You that none of us are ever qualified on our own, but rather You in us, is what qualifies us to be obedient and do as You ask.  May we be tender to trust You more, and may many come to hear Your call, as we live and love as You call us to.  May lives be changed and hearts be moved.  All glory and honor to You, Lord.  Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present.

As you know, we consider blessed those who have persevered. – James 5:11


  1. It’s true: whenever someone requests something of me – something of which I do not already believe myself proficient – my first reaction to evaluate how I fall short of the task, and then, how I will look to others when I fail. It is usually hours, sometimes days later that I remember it is not about my doing anything, but obeying despite fear and insecurity. These are such frightening times! Especially for sensitive souls like you and me. We want so desperately to please everyone, but it is only in pleasing Him with our inexorable faith that we find the true meaning of Joy. Love you!

    Oh, and I imagine you are probably thee most amazingly patient, encouraging, compassionate reading teacher there ever was.


    • Love you to the moon, Cara! Tender souls unite, and trust that He has us. Every time I step out, I am in awe of what He does with my small step of faith…
      ❤ Shan

  2. Dear Shannon,
    This post is remarkable. It speaks directly to something God is going in my life. He is leading me onto a long desert road for which I feel ill-equipped to walk. Yet, on the way home from our men’s Bible study this morning, God said, as clearly as I am writing this comment, “I have you right where you should be and right where I want you. He knows I am ill-equipped to travel this road. I am going to trust Him to walk it for me. Your beautiful testimony is such vivid confirmation for me that, a) I’m right where I need to be (as uncomfortable as it is for me) and b) He is walking this road with me and leading me where I’ve never been before. WOW! Thank you, my precious friend and sister in Christ, Shannon.

    • Dear Steven,
      My prayers continue to be for you and your family as you heal. I cannot even begin to fathom the road on which you are walking, yet I am so grateful that you all are in His tender care.
      Despite the devastation, it will be remarkable to see how He brings beauty from the ashes.
      God bless as you continue to trust and seek and serve.
      In Him,

  3. Wonderful, Shannon. The desert road is not to be feared, but to be taken in faith…I had always assumed Philip just went down that desert road, but had never considered his act of obedience in doing so. Thanks so much for sharing your always marvelous and inspiring insights into God’s word and the Christian journey.

  4. Shannon, obedience is key and usually our downfall. I asked God for a storefront, but He is starting me out with an online store. So much discipline and patience is needed. I trust Him because He knows best. He also removes us from our comfort zone. Sometimes it’s easy to do something we love and are familiar with. The true trust comes with trusting in unfamiliar territory.

    I think it’s awesome that you’re helping children read because that small disability plays a major role in their life ahead.


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