Better is One Day

Better is One DayFor greater a day,

spent in the Lord’s house;

than a multitude,

elsewhere to espouse.

To draw near the place,

where Holiness dwells;

bask in His great Light,

all fears to dispel.

He’s both sun and shield,

all honor He brings;

as heavenly hosts,

surround Him and sing.

His favor is found,

no good is withheld;

for those who do walk,

upright and upheld.

To all who choose trust,

His blessings unfold;

our promise secure,

His hand we now hold.

Unto us bestowed,

His grace undeserved;

mercy He pours out,

on hearts that have heard.

Heard not with our ears,

but held in our heart;

all hope and promise,

in granted fresh start.

(Responding to Psalm 84:10-12)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the promised hope that is held in every heart that trusts in You. Thank You for making the way for us to one day dwell in Your courts with You forever. Thank You that for now, You make our heart Your home, when we choose to invite You in. Thank You that no matter what comes our way here, it is but a moment when compared to our promised forever with You. Forgive us for losing sight of the hope we hold in You when the world wages war, and grant us Your eyes to see that we are indeed, not home yet. Teach us to rest in You, as You bring peace in the peak of the storm, and light our every darkness with Your lavish love. Show us how to trust You more, and help us to walk upright before You. May our hearts be filled with songs of praise, not for what surrounds us, but for the hope we hold in You. Let us love as You love, and may many come to know the warmth and hope that from You flow. Let hearts be opened and lives be changed. All glory and honor to You, God – our hiding place and holy hope. Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present.


  1. “May our hearts be filled with songs of praise, not for what surrounds us, but for the hope we hold in You.”
    Amen! May our Father wrap his arms of love around you today, Shannon.

  2. Shannon, Psalm 84 is becoming one of my favorite Psalms. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Better is one day in His courts than a thousand elsewhere. We can abide in His courts each day if we choose to be there. How awesome is that thought!

  3. I feel impressed to share this with you because you write for Him ~ALWAYS to glorify him.

    As the bridegroom to his chosen,
    As the king unto his realm,
    As the keeper to the castle,
    As the pilot to the helm,
    As the captain to his soldiers,
    As the shepherd to his lambs,
    So, Lord, art Thou to me.

    As the fountain in the garden,
    As the candle in the dark,
    As the treasure in the coffer,
    As the manna in the ark,
    As the firelight in the winter,
    As the sunlight in the spring,
    So, Lord, art Thou to me.

    As the music at the banquet,
    As the stamp unto the seal,
    As refreshment to the fainting,
    As the winecup at the meal,
    As the singing on the feast day,
    As the amen to the prayer,
    So, Lord, art Thou to me.

    As the ruby in the setting,
    As the honey in the comb,
    As the light within the lantern,
    As the father in the home,
    As the eagle in the mountains,
    As the sparrow in the nest,
    So, Lord, art Thou to me.

    As the sunshine in the heavens,
    As the image in the glass,
    As the fruit unto the fig tree,
    As the dew unto the grass,
    As the rainbow on the hilltop,
    As the river in the plain,
    So, Lord, art Thou,
    So, Lord, art Thou,
    So, Lord, art Thou to me.

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