When Forever Begins

Our Hope for HealingThere will come a day,

when all evil ends;

as the Lord returns,

His judgment He’ll send.

For those found in Him,

have His hope to hold;

He’s prepared a place,

where beauty unfolds.

He who hung the stars,

and painted the sky;

is waiting for us,

welcomes when we die.

For this end is not,

truly our demise;

glory does await,

promise realized.

Imagine the sound,

as we enter in;

the angel voices,

promised peace begins.

Imagine the thanks,

for Him, holy Lord;

He who was and is,

above righteous horde.

In power He reigns,

now forevermore;

let’s worship and praise,

He whom we adore.

“We give thanks to You, Lord God Almighty, the One who is and was, because You have taken Your great power and have begun to reign.” – (Revelation 11:7)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the glorious hope that is held in You. Thank You that despite the decay of our earthly shells, a day will come when we will stand before You and behold beauty unimagined. Thank You that our end on earth is not the end. Thank You that our ultimate hope and future are held in heaven with You. Forgive us for fearing our own demise, and help us to long for our heavenly home. Please provide Your perfect peace to all those in pain, and may many come to trust in You, so they too, will see You reign. Let us live in Your love so that many may come to be covered by the cross You bore on our behalf. Be glorified in all that we say and do. Amen.

AnneAnne update: Yesterday must have been a good day, as when I checked in with Anne, she was at the mall. 🙂 Please continue to join me in contending for her complete healing here, and that hearts will be prepared as she will be moving to her new place tomorrow. Thank You Father, for raising up warriors – Your people who are praying on Anne’s behalf. Thank You for surrounding her with those who love You, and love her. All glory to God, for He is so very good. Blessings to you all, Shannon

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


    • Thanks so much, Peter. Thank you also for your prayers, as you likely know how to pray for her at this time, better than most. Blessings to you, faithful friend. – Shannon

  1. Shannon, this is beautiful! This poem would be a wonderful complement to two blogs I have in the works. One is called, I Will Rise and the other Heaven: What A Concept! I would love to include this poem as part of one or both of the posts I am planning. I would cut and paste it at the end of my post, then include a brief bio of you and a link back to your blog. Would that be okay for me to do? All your poetry blesses me, but this one would fit so well, I’d love to use it and give you credit. I’ll send you the draft of the post I’m planning. In fact, I wasn’t planning on publishing it right away, but since I’ve read this I believe I’ll move it up in the queue and publish this next week.

    • Thank you, Steven. Yes, you have my permission, as I love that God uses us together as His body to share the truth of His word. Blessings as you continue to so faithfully serve Him!

      • I will send you the draft copy of the post I want to use your poem with. In my opinion, they’re a perfect complement to each other. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts as well. Thank you for allowing me to use it. And, yes, I too think it is awesome when we can work together with the same heart to reach people with the Gospel. Thanks and blessings to you, Shannon.

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