Lead Us Back to Life

Lead Us Back to LifeWhen darkness surrounds us,

and we fear we may break;

let the new morning’s light,

show Your love for our sake.

Your love is unfailing,

we place our trust in You;

show us the way to go,

so our soul be made new.

Please rescue us, O Lord,

for we’re hidden in You;

teach us what is Your will,

so we’ll know what to do.

Father, You are our God,

let Your good Spirit lead;

take us to level ground,

for You’re all that we need.

O dear Lord, who am I,

that You would care for me?

Our life is but a breath,

fleeting shadow indeed.

Yet You still sent Your Son,

for You know our great need;

You made way to Yourself,

we come on bended knee.

(Responding to Psalm 143:8-10 & 144:3-4)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that even when that which surrounds us seems dark and heavy, You remain with us, holding our hands and heart, and remind us that all hope is held in You. Forgive us for giving fear a foothold when life feels way too overwhelming, and remind us again of Your unfailing love for us. Again, daily, we place our trust in You. Please lead us and guide us, granting us words to speak and Your path to pursue. Thank You that we are safe in the security of Your loving arms. Thank You that despite our brokenness and ugliness, You came so that we would find the way to You. Teach us to trust completely, to love deeply, and to willingly walk in Your way. May our pursuit of You lead many who are looking, to the place where they too, may be found in You. Amen.


Anne update: She has been vomiting and passing blood. Please pray with me that the internal bleeding would stop, and that total health would be restored, as she is surrounded by His presence and His peace. Lord Jesus, be Anne’s comfort and companion in this place, and be her Healer, and let this become an amazing testimony of Your faithfulness and power. Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. Dear Child, My Bible study is praying for Anne too. I pray our Father will put his loving arms around her and heal her. xoxoxo

  2. And I lift up Anne right now in Jesus name, let your healing power infuse her body and take away every form of infirmity in Jesus mighty name! Amen!! She is healed dear friend, I trust in Him, just rejoice for the healing!!

  3. Joining my faith with yours and the rest of God’s people and covering Anne in prayer, believing for God to restore her health in Jesus’ name. Bless you sweet sister.

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