Our Hope for Healing

Royal official,Our Hope for Healing

with son, deathly ill;

heard Christ had returned,

Source of healing’s fill.

To Jesus he went,

and begged Him to come;

to ward off sure death,

from his sickly son.

He questioned the one,

who asked for His touch;

faith unwavering,

royal needed much.

Jesus said to go,

that his son would live;

believing His word,

through faith Christ did give.

While on the way home,

met by his own men;

with word son was healed,

when Christ had spoken.

By faith let’s embrace,

this truth to behold;

for in Him alone,

may healing unfold.

(Responding to John 4:46-53)

After receiving news yesterday that my dear friend, Anne, is being offered additional care because her cancer is taking its toll, I found myself feeling a bit shell-shocked.  For as long as I have known her, she has been fighting.  Her battle began in 2004 with breast cancer.  In 2008, they found cancer in her bones.  This past year, just after Christmas, multiple tumors were found in her brain.  Radiation was successful at shrinking the brain tumors, yet elsewhere in her body, the cancer has not stayed at bay.  I tell you this so that you too, might consider joining me in prayer for Anne. (to read more about Anne’s fight, click the following: A Call to Prayer, and Temple of Trust.)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You are our Healer, and that nothing is impossible for You.  Thank You that today’s reading happened to be a portion of scripture that tells of the miraculous that You have done.  In faith, we are asking for the miraculous in Anne, and in many others who are also fighting this horrific disease.  May Your presence and Your peace surround and embrace all those in the fight while they wait in faith for Your healing to come.  May the miracle You do in Anne, be a powerful testimony to those who do not yet know You.  Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. Hi, It’s Alfred. I enjoy your poems a lot and I look forward to them.
    To increse the value of your poems, in addition to what seems like writing a new poem for every new day and posting it, you should also divide your poems into collections and have it avaliable as a free downloadable e-books.
    What I mean is that you could divide them such that all the poems for one onth would make a collection. Or 20 poems or 15 or whatever number you choose. So you can have various collections through time and all of them would be available as free downloadable books.
    Of course you should give each book or collection a name. The reason for this is so that your poems which are precious won’t be lost as a mere blog post but rather be packaged in a medium that would give it a place in the halls of literature and an opportunity to be called a classic.
    As a blog post alone, no matter how good your poems are they would never be called a classic.
    What I’m saying is; do what you are already doing but also get them into book format. E-book format, that is.
    As for your friend, getting everyone in the world to pray for her is typical but is your friend a Christian? And by that I mean has she received Jesus into her heart? If Yes, Awesome. All she needs to do is take the medicine of the word of God in regular doses and the word of God would be healing her with every encounter she has with the word of God.
    One thing that gets me tired about some Christians is that they have no idea that a Christian is the most powerful being ever. The only one more powerful than a Christian is God.
    We are sitheth in heavenly places with Christ, far above principalities and powers.
    We are joint heirs with Christ. Wow! It can’t get bigger than that. The only thing above that is God’s throne. And nobody should look there because it is for God alone.
    The idea of a Christian being sick with cancer is pathetic. It is absurd.
    The problem with Christians today is they don’t know who they are.
    But if your friend is not a Christian, well sickness is an unfortunate part of being ordinary she should get used to it, but if she wants to live a life that is above sickness and disease she should become a Christian.
    However if your friend is a Christian, she should listen to sermons on faith (not sermons on hope), she should keep un-optimistic people far away from her, she should begin to see herself getting healed, she should see a happy tomorrow for herself inspite of what the doctor says, no matter what the doctor says she should hold fast to believing she would get better cause God’s report is superior to the doctor’s report and God’s report says by his stripes we were healed.
    Your Friend should also recite the scriptures that talk about healing, regulary. She should recite them and let the truth they contain soak into her.
    I am telling you, I give her 3 weeks of believing, seeing herself whole, and reciting healing scriptures and she would be completely healed and no trace of cancer will be in her body.
    But if she wants to leave her life in the hands of a doctor, that’s her cup of tea.
    All sickness is a joke to a Christian because we are immune to them.

    • Dear Alfred,

      I so appreciate your unflappable faith for Anne’s healing. She is a spirit-filled woman of faith, who has been trusting Him since her original diagnosis in 2004. She has followed treatment plans prescribed by doctors that God gave her the go ahead to do.

      Unfortunately, not one of us can number our days, and God has a plan and a purpose for each one. Often, it is during the times of greatest struggle or challenge – be it physical, emotional or otherwise – that God uses us best. In our weakness, He is strong.

      She is believing for her healing, and moving faithfully forward to the best of her ability. However, presently, her body is breaking down. Though we know not His plans, I will trust Him for her total healing, be it here or in heaven. My hope is for here, yet I trust His ways are best.

      Blessings to you,

  2. Prayers lifted for this incredible faith-filled child of God. She is a beautiful witness of the fruits of the Spirit and blessed to have you as her friend.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear of Anne’s situation. I will include her in my prayers for cancer sufferers. As a survivor myself, I take this very seriously. May The Lord heal her to his great glory!

    • Thank you, Judy. I so appreciate your prayers for her, and it is such an encouragement to have one who has been through it praying, as you know better than most, what to pray. ❤

  4. Joining with you in prayer, Shannon, for Anne’s healing. Appreciate your support in prayer for my brother’s struggle with cancer. May God bless you!

  5. Anne is in my prayers, and I’m in agreement with you for her healing. Our God is mighty in ways far beyond what our eyes can see, and I know He will provide peace, comfort and encouragement to you all at this time.

  6. It is a toss of the coin whether your friend Anne will receive with discouragement or lively hope any references at this time to the scriptures for healing. Be sensitive to the Spirit in your approach. The thing that is certain is that Jesus loves her and never ignores earnest prayer. He does provide an answer in His timing that will accomplish the greatest good. I have posted a number of videos on healing at the You Tube channel “Doug Blair Reads”; also some beautiful Gospel music that “quickens”.

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