Transforming Touch

Seeping the sores

image by Heather LaPierre

image by Heather LaPierre

that cover my skin.

Far deeper the scars,

aching within.

Despised by all,

rejected in fear.

No human touch,

none will dare come near.

News of a man,

in village nearby,

who heals the sick.

Could He hear my cry?

He is coming,

to my town, and soon.

What shall I ask?

What am I to do?

That must be Him,

who’s walking this way.

I have to now,

I must seize the day!

I ran to Him,

and fell at His feet.

“If You’re willing,

You can make me clean.”

With tender touch,

compassionate face,

He said, “Be clean!”

Right there, in that place.

My despised heart,

now tenderly heard,

with but a touch,

and promising word.

(Responding to Mark 1:40-42)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You are not repulsed nor repelled by our brokenness, but rather You willingly and lovingly come close and touch that which the world deems untouchable.  Thank You that You love us in the places where we feel most broken and unlovable.  Forgive us for being slow to ask, and help us to remember to run to You, as You are always waiting with arms open wide.  May we receive all that You have for us, so that we in turn, may be quick to extend our hands and hearts to those who feel unlovable or untouchable by the world’s standards.  Use us to lead the lost to Your loving arms of grace.  Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. A very gripping opening line, Shannon – you somehow evoke the feelings of a leper, centuries out of our context, and bring him into our homes. Well done – really.

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