Responding to the Remarkable

The heavens declare His glory

image by Kevin Freitas

image by Kevin Freitas

the skies show of His hand.

Forever creation’s speaking

if we look upon the land.

The mountains and the valleys,

the oceans and the shore,

the heavens in their splendor,

clearly cry out, there is more.

Sun soaring in the vast sky

then setting just on cue.

It is no sort of “accident”,

that told it what to do.

Faithfully its eastern rise

begins each brand new day.

Warmth as it traverses sky,

providing light on our way.

The laws of God are perfect,

reviving weary soul.

Removing chains that bind us,

and guide us to the goal.

His statutes are trustworthy,

making the simple, wise.

His commands are radiant,

giving light to blinded eyes.

His precepts are provision,

giving joy unto the heart.

Fear of Him in purity –

a healthy place to start.

His love endures forever.

His ordinances sure.

They are sweeter than honey.

More precious than gold, pure.

His words serve as a warning,

to keep us on the path.

Forgive our hidden faults,

protect us from Your wrath.

May every word I speak,

and every whisper of my heart,

be pleasing in Your sight,

as each day begins a fresh start.

(Responding to Psalm 19)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that everywhere we look, there is evidence of You.  We need not look beyond the eyes of a child, nor further than the sound of our own beating hearts, to know that You are.  Forgive us for taking anything that You have made, for granted; as each and every part of creation is a gift.  Teach us how to glorify You in all that we do, and to appreciate with grateful hearts, the magnificent gifts that we have been given.  May our every spoken word and whispering of our hearts be pleasing to You, and may our actions lead the lost to Your loving arms.  Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. This lovely! In fact, you just inspired me to share my Facebook album “Signed, God.” I’ve shared some photos, but not all… Blessings from above! 😀

  2. Shannon, so beautiful! God’s love and truth surrounds us..we need just open our eyes!
    Thank you. .

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