Called Clean in Christ

Centurion man

image by Al

image by Al

seeking in prayer.

Gave generously,

called on God “out there”.

Angelic visit

to Cornelius.

Prayers being answered,

by our God with us.

Sent men to Joppa,

for Peter to find.

Housed with the tanner,

ready, set, and kind.

Peter on rooftop,

who’d gone up to pray.

Learned a new lesson,

about pure that day.

Directly He spoke,

the voice of the Lord.

“Call nothing impure,

that I have restored.”

Three times this happened,

and then Peter knew,

that God was for all –

not just for the Jew.

Peter went with them,

to Cornelius.

Who had gathered all,

to hear of Jesus.

He fell at his feet,

Peter said, “Stand up,

I am just a man,”

to God, raise your cup.

Peter clearly spoke.

Spirit presence near.

Mighty did He move.

Evidence so clear.

Empowered in gifts.

Spirit pouring out.

Baptism, new life –

the God-ordained route.

(Responding to Acts 10)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that though none of us deserve to be deemed clean before You, because of the sacrifice of Your Son on the cross, all who ask, are covered and considered clean before You.  Thank You that when You look at us, You see Your spotless Son rather than our sinful selves.  Please forgive us for seeing ourselves or others as “unclean”.  Help us to remember that the only way that anyone is called clean, is in You.  Lead us to live lives of love that honor You by loving You and loving people well.  Teach us to trust You to lead us well, and to provide what we need to go wherever we are asked.  Thank You for Your goodness and grace, and may You be ever evident in this place.  May many come to know how deeply You love and long for relationship with Your created.  Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. Glory to God!! This one stirs the Spirit of God within me!! I feel a good run in the Lord coming on me!!!! If this doesn’t light your fire, your wood is wet as we say in Texas!! Blessings! Juliana

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