A Call to Prayer



Today is a different sort of post, as I am asking that all who read this might consider taking a moment to join me in praying for a dear friend of mine. Anne is a treasured friend and warrior in Christ, who has been battling cancer for many years. It began with breast cancer in 2004, which then manifested into bone cancer a few years ago, and as of Monday, more was discovered via brain scan, following several horrific migraines in the last month or so. This is no ordinary woman. To look at her, you would never know the battle that she has been enduring. She works full-time, she is an Irish dancer, a hiker, a prayer warrior, a doer, and an altogether wonderful friend to many. When she told me about her scan results, she was more concerned with how I was doing in response, than herself. Fortunately, faith found foothold, and my response was and will remain, “I am and will continue to pray for your complete and total healing until the day I hear an audible voice saying that it is time to take you home.” I believe that He has great and glorious things in store for Anne, and that He will continue to use her tests as an incredible testimony of His power and faithfulness. The following is what I wrote for Anne on Monday evening after returning home from our time together after she had told me of her most recent news:

To Fight (for Anne)

Weary warrior

we will fight.

Our Father’s daughter –

His delight.

Fear must flee

and courage come.

He’ll fight the fight,

the victory’s won.

May peace surround

and warmth embrace;

May grace and goodness

fill your space.

As near to you

as your next breath,

the Warrior fights,

He’s conquered death.

Health and hope

and healing hand,

all gifts from Him –

purpose; divine in plan.

Peace to you,

and strength as well,

for by His stripes –

your story to tell.

This morning, Anne will be going in for an MRI to identify exactly what they are dealing with. My prayer is that as the doctor reviews the results this afternoon, her jaw will hit the floor in wonder, as she is completely baffled as to why she sees no trace of cancer anywhere. Will you join me in praying the same? I asked Anne if she would be okay with me posting about her today, and she was most appreciative, as she knows just how powerful the prayers of His people can be.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You are our Healer. Thank You that You knit Anne’s body together in her mother’s womb and You know even the number of hairs on her head. Nothing is impossible for You. Lord Jesus, I believe in Your mighty power to heal. Will You come and display that power on Anne today? Touch her body, remove every cancerous cell, grant her strength, and health and wholeness, I pray. Father, please turn this that seems impossible, into the possible made perfect in Your plan. Be her peace Jesus, as she goes. Holy Spirit, grant us the words to pray and the prompting to press in. Thank You in advance, for the amazing healing that You are about to do in Anne. May many come to know You as Lord and King as a result of her testimony. Amen.

*If you pray and get a specific word for Anne, or wish to offer encouragement, please feel free to leave a comment or a like and I will print them out and deliver them to her this weekend. Thanks again dear friends! Also, for more about her battle, I wrote another post about her faithful fight called Temple of Trust.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. Father, be glorified in all things, in life, in death, in resurrection and in birth. We thank you for your grace and love and seek daily the higher calling of your chosen ones. Heal our bodies, our hearts and our spirits. May each breath become a holy passion for your reflection in our lives to the world. Holy Spirit, come and enable these little ones and use us, use us for your glory. In Jesus’ name…amen. Shalom

  2. I will be praying expectantly and will join you as you have asked.. God is already at work in her. I try to remember when I am praying for healing that healing takes many forms, all of which are a part of God’s awesome plan.

  3. Please tell Anne that I’m praying for her complete healing. What a darling girl.

  4. Thank you for sharing Anne with us, Shannon. I lay in bed this morning and prayed for her. Please keep us updated, will you?


    ~ C

  5. Thank you Lord for the good work you are doing in this amazing child of yours. Thank you as well for the healing and restoring love you are pouring on and in her in such abundance. Please give courage and renewed faith to all who are blessed to know or to meet her. Amen

  6. Joining in prayer for Anne, and all the sisters who visit here–and for you, Shannon–God bless us all with His great mercy and peace, and unfailing love. sis Caddo

  7. Thank you so much for praying and continuing to pray. The news was not what we had hoped for, but God is greater than any diagnosis, and can heal, even when things appear dismal. The MRI revealed more than 20 lesians and tumors on her brain. Unless God heals her between now and Monday, the next step will be to meet with the oncologist/radiologist. The treatment intended is to do radiation on the entire brain, followed by very precise work with a gamma knife. If God will use technology to heal her, then we will take it! Please, continue to lift Anne up as she comes to mind, as she will need His strength and endurance to walk the road ahead. She has asked me to accompany her to Monday’s appointment, so please also pray that God would use me to provide His peace, comfort, calm and clarity throughout the appointment and travel time.
    With a heart that is overflowing with gratitude for your faithful prayers,

  8. I stand in fervent prayer agreement with each and every person praying for Anne. I pray for God’s will to restore complete health to her, to comfort her, to give her courage and strength. i pray in the merciful name of Jesus Christ, amen!

  9. This has touched my heart so deeply. My mother is a two-time cancer survivor (colon then later breast cancer) and she’s still here! I praise God for He is good and oh so real. He’s still in the miracle working business, nothing is greater than God! Please convey to Anne that I and my mother will be lifting her up in prayer. I will also take her name to my weekly prayer circle and we will petition God for her.

    Here’s a link to my mother’s testimony of her healing from colon cancer, perhaps you can share it with Anne? http://saintintraining.net/2012/06/08/joy-in-the-midst-of-my-storm/ and here’s another – http://saintintraining.net/2012/10/28/the-suffering-saint/

    I pray these testimonies are an encouragement to her as well as to others who are facing a season of tests.

    God bless you,

  10. You have my standing prayer for Anne! I am claiming healing in the mighty name of Jesus. Let us take hope for our God is able to exceedingly beyond our imagination. In faith I believe and expect The Lord to keep her, comfort her and cover her in the shadow of His wings. Let us go forth as prayer warriors speaking life into the cancer that it will be loosed from her body and her healing as another testament to the goodness of The Lord.

    In Christ,


  11. Shannon, your friend Anne is lucky to have a devoted friend like you.
    I hope she feels the prayers from all your readers…

  12. I will join you in your prayer, and will pray for her until an answer is given. Glory to God, and praise Him for His will and work in, and throughout eternity, in the lives of His children.

  13. Thank you Lord for the courage and grace you have given Anne. We continue to agree in prayer for her full healing. Calling heaven here on earth for her body. That all things not of You are removed from her body and Your restoration. Felt the words “Rise up mighty warrior!” Thank you Lord for the goodness that You always share.

  14. Thank you for continuing to pray and share what He places on your heart as you do. Anne has been so touched to know that there are warriors fighting on her behalf, and she has felt strengthened as she has gone to numerous appointments in the last two days. Tomorrow full brain radiation begins. Please join me as I pray for the radiation to wipe out every tumor and to do absolutely no damage to healthy tissue. Keep swelling far from her, and may she be energized and empowered for the days ahead. We stand against every fear and side effect, and trust Anne in Your tender care. Amen.

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