He Provides As We Abide

“And he said to man, ‘The fear of the Lord – that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.” – Job 28:28

image by Josh Weidmann

As a lover of words (especially His word), this passage provides a wealth of insight and instruction.

First, “the fear of the Lord” is to maintain reverence and awe for He alone who belongs on the throne.  When we do allow the Lord to lead, and remember to return the reigns and grant He alone the right to rule in our hearts and lives, this, this is where wisdom begins.  Wisdom too, is a wonderful word as it represents far more than intellect.  Wisdom comes through instruction and insight, provided by our Prince of Peace.

Next, “to shun evil” is a very vivid visual to me.  Shunning is a physical action to pair with an intellectual decision.  To shun is to keep away from and take pains to avoid.  Evil is that which is morally wrong, harmful or injurious.  As we avoid such things, God opens our eyes and hearts to understand that which had been previously hidden in plain sight.

Our charge is to place God properly as Lord and leader of our lives, and avoid that which is wrong – according to His word and His way, so that He may open our understanding and grant us wisdom.  As we grow in wisdom and insight, we are better equipped as believers to share the love and light that comes from our closeness to Christ.

He provides as we abide.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You give us simple and clear instruction.  Thank You too, that we are not left to our own devices to follow what You ask.  Thank You for the great gift You have given by granting us grace and guidance through Your Holy Spirit, who dwells in every heart that invites You in.  Forgive us Father for not fearing You, and for drawing near to evil rather than shunning it.  Instruct each of us as to how to properly place You on the throne in our lives, and lead us to shun the stuff that sinks our soul and tempts us to submit to sin.  Grant us wisdom and understanding so that Your word would be deeply rooted in our hearts and minds, and that our lives would bear the sort of fruit that clearly conveys the love and call of Christ to the lost.  Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. That word – “abide” has been coming up a lot lately. It’s a word that’s very counter to our way of living. It takes time, abiding.

  2. Like legion writer, I too am struck by the word abide: to remain in Him. To do so requires complete submission to His will, even when that will involves pain and suffering. I expect that He is teaching me this currently, though I continue to plead for Mercy and Grace, and deliverance from these burdens. I know He has a plan, and that is where I must abide.

    Lovely thoughts, Shannon, as always.

    ~ Cara

    • Thank you, Cara. I am certain that despite the desperate discomfort and frustration, He will use your willingness mightily, to bless others in similar spaces. Still praying for His healing for you, friend.
      ❤ Shannon

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