Opportunity to Overlook Offense

“A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.” – Proverbs 19:11

photo by Mark Batterson

When we submit and trust our trials to God, He grants wisdom so that we might extend patience, grace really; for He grants goodness as we overlook offenses.  (Not ignore, rather forgive and release to Him who is best suited to handle the offender)

This very verse has come to life in a new way for me this past week or so.  Last year, I had a student who pushed and pressed, causing me daily to draw deep breaths and depend on Daddy God to do the right thing.  Day in and day out, I was quick to recognize and encourage what he was doing well (when he chose to tune in), and tried with everything that is within me to convince him that he had to show what he knows for his brilliance to be made known.  Most days, it felt futile, yet I continued, convinced that it would somehow connect eventually.  By year’s end, I was just thankful for the close to the year, and ready to recover in the “rest” that comes in the summer months.

Fast forward to the first day of classes this year.  Whom did I see on my class list?  You guessed it, the same young man.  Once again I was reminded to repeat my daily regime of extending patience, regardless of the offense.  The first month of school felt very similar to the previous year, yet I was propelled (clearly by my Provider) to press on.  On a particularly perilous day, I recruited a dear ally to see if she might be able to get through to him with a one-on-one conversation.  At the start of the new week that followed, I encouraged this young man and his classmates to simply “buy in” to all of the activities we were to do throughout the week, and I assured them that they would see the benefit by Friday, as they each take a weekly comprehension test.

Imagine my awe as we walked through the week, no longer trudging, but steadily stepping, as this cherub had decided to be invested.  On Friday, as I graded their tests while they waited, my heart hoped for the results I knew they were capable of earning.  This young man, the very one whom for an entire school year I struggled, was my only student to earn 100% on this test!  My eyes must have shone with threatening mist, as I had the privilege of telling this beloved creation of our Great King, just how very proud of him I am.  Not only did I tell him, but I was honored to call home and brag to his mom about the wonderful week we had, and that her baby boy was my ONLY student to earn 100% on this particular test!

This week, the marvelous momentum has continued, and I am again in awe of how He so generously supplies not only grace and wisdom, but at times, provides proof that persistent obedience pays off!

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You grant wisdom and grace where we need it most, and that at times, we are even blessed with the benefit of beholding before us the bounty that comes from obedience over time.  Forgive me for my moments of frustration, and lead me to continue to learn how I am to live and love like You.  May we all be equipped to overlook offenses and extend Your grace to those in desperate need of the great gifts found in You.  All glory and honor and praise to You! Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. Wonderful– It reminds me that often it is _my_ lack of skills that encourages any negative behavior in my own daughter. “Love Never Fails”…

  2. Great victory story, Shannon! On occasion, I’ve had those “opportunities to overlook offense”–and they really stand out for me, because I can literally feel the power of Jesus within, taking over for what I would lack. It encourages me to keep pressing into Him, that I would have more lovely victories–others will be blessed and see His Light, and He will be glorified. God bless you abundantly–love, sis Caddo

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