Responding to Romans 5:15-17

Though one man’s sin, placed on all kin,

photo by Paul Huchton

the mark of scorn and shame.

‘Twas one Man’s life, who paid the price,

that removed and took the blame.

For each of us, are born sinful cuss,

destined to live lives lost.

But He who came, and lived without blame,

chose to pay our cost.

The wage of sin, our death and then,

each of us meant a loss.

Jesus came, and loved all the same,

covering each upon the cross.

It did not end, on the hill back then,

the one they called The Skull.

Three days down, inside the ground,

the prophesy being fulfilled.

On the third, a new sound was heard,

because He rose and lived again.

The way had come, through God’s own Son,

to again be right with Him.

For we know not, the mighty cost,

He wore at Calgary.

Yet we have seen, just what it means,

to be embraced unto Thee.

On this day, as we work and play,

may we take time to recall.

The glorious gift, for our souls to lift,

sing praises for it all.


© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

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