Let Me Love You

With heart hanging heavy
in search of some rest
my mind kept on saying
Lord, You know my heart best.
Tell me, dear Father
what I need to know
to release these burdens
so freedom may flow.
His reply was quite clear
four simple words
Let Me love you
is what I soon heard.
“Oh Jesus, but how?”
my heart then did ask.
Be silent and listen
I’ll teach you the task.
Let me love you in darkness
when you’re deep in despair
My arms wrap around you
shining light into there.
Let me love you in places
where there is so much lack
I’ll encourage your heart
and take your burdens back.
Let me love you in fear
when your feeling afraid
I’ll protect you, my daughter
I will not delay.
Let me love you in chaos
when nothing seems right
I will call out “be still”
and the chaos’ll take flight.
Let me love you in triumph
when you’re feeling so great
embrace when your hurting
I won’t hesitate.
As You love me so well
please equip me Dad, too,
lead me and guide me,
teach me what to do.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You speak softly to our souls in our space of seeking You.  May our hearts be ready to hear all that You have to say.  Thank You that You are ever faithful – regardless of fear, foes, or folly. Teach us Father, to let You love us.   May our lives be lived listening to Your leading.  Amen.


  1. This was lovely . . . Thank you. Not usually one to enjoy rhyming poetry, I did very much appreciate this. The rhythms and flow felt natural and right, and of course the message is one my own heart begs to know and discover. Thank you, again, for sharing your heart so openly.


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