Remarkable Roadblocks

When the alarm began to chime at 4:10am, I was ready and bolted right out of bed.  Despite numerous clock checks during the night, my exuberance for my upcoming excursion fueled my adrenalin driven madness as I manically prepared the boys backpacks before organizing and packing my own things.  Miraculously, everything seemed to move at a well-orchestrated pace and the car was packed and I was ready to roll.  As I pulled away from the driveway, I determined that I would wait for breakfast and coffee, just to ensure my that my rendezvous with my travelling buddy would be timely.

Off I drove into the icy, foggy mist.  Traffic was steady and my music was blaring.  Then, for some reason, my radio fell silent.  So, rather than really recognizing that there might be a serious problem, I simply looked at it as an opportunity to pray.  As I passed familiar landmarks and drew nearer to my necessary exit, strange things began to take place in the cab of my car.  Lights began flickering on and off, my ability to accelerate became completely compromised and I could only get the van to go about 40mph on the 60mph stretch of I-5…  Fortunately, this did indeed send up the red flags and neon, and I took the next exit.  Coasting cautiously onto the off ramp, I was vaguely familiar with my surroundings.  Between calling my sweet friend and desperate prayers, I managed to safely roll into an Albertson’s parking lot. 

Momentary panic began to permeate my peaceful persona, and all I could think was “How are we going to get to the airport to meet our dear friend on time?”  I called AAA and renewed my service contract and they promised to have a tow truck to me within an hour…  Between the grace of God and my travelling trustee’s rapid research and reassurance, calm came back and I hunkered down with a quality coffee and my fabulous phone to wait it out.

Time ticked slowly by, and my patience again began to dwindle.  The tow truck was promised by 7:55, and it was now 7:58!  Argh!!!!  As I stood in the frosty morning air, and breathed in the brilliant colors of the sunrise, I again asked for peace, and for the tow truck to hurry up.  Moments later, the tow truck arrived.  The driver was calm and kind and extraordinarily patient with my calling frenzy and flexible with my ever-changing locations to take my van with it’s dead alternator.  Twenty minutes later we were at shop number one that my fabulous friend had found through research and recommendations.  Sadly, the kind woman before me said that she was so sorry, but they would not be able to get to it until Monday.  “Oh God, You know my need, please…”  The wonderful woman was quick to give me a recommendation of a shop nearby, and even found the phone number for me.  Shop number two not only was able to take and repair my van, but was happy to deliver my finished vehicle to my travelling sister’s home! 

In the midst of the madness, I knew that somehow, God had protected me.  The van did not break down on the side of the freeway in the frigid darkness, rather it remarkably rolled into a safe and lighted space of civilization.  Further confirmation of His protection was presented as the tow driver told tales of the early morning’s icy roads and of the wretched wreck several miles ahead on the path I was to take.

Though we did not make it to the airport for pickup with another of our treasured friends and fabulous hostess, we did arrive at our lunch location within moments of the other ladies we were to meet.  All it took was the first glimpse of these long-treasured friends that have not all gathered together since we parted eighteen years ago, and my heart was full to overflowing with gratitude for His grace and His goodness.  His love for us is so great that He uses things that we see as roadblocks and obstacles to show us His faithfulness and grace.   

Today, I am more aware of how I am to embrace even the roadblocks, for His plans and purposes are far greater than my own.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. This is amazing…reminds me again of the need to trust…thank you!

  2. Beautiful post! Thanks for the reminder about embracing roadblocks. After reading this I’m going to look at roadblocks from a different perspective.

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