This morning as I was reading John 8, verses 31-32 held my attention.  The following is my response…

Every heart’s held captive

by the choices that we make

for where we place our passion

there our heart will stay.

If my heart seeks after truth

then truth is what will be seen

yet if I pursue other things

I’ll not know what truth truly means.

It is only in the truth

that freedom may be found

my heart finds new release

where it was previously bound.

To be a true disciple

His teachings I must hold

transformation only comes

when my hands and heart unfold.

Here I stand before Him

with arms held open wide

come and teach, transform me

may He forever be my guide.

Freedom is before me

destruction left far behind

the more I learn to trust Him

the more freedom that I find.

It is only by His grace

that true release is found

He alone frees the captives

from wherever we’ve been bound.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

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