To Stay Surrounded

“As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people both now and forever more.” – Psalm 125:2

God surrounds His people, just as the mountains surround Jerusalem.  He always has and He always will.

The Father is our source of safety and of peace.  He has laid the foundation that encircles and protects us, yet allows us to choose whether or not we remain in the safety of the shelter that He has provided. 

The foundation of these mountains is found in His word.  Truth and trust combined with His commands and His promises, provide protection that He has willingly placed around us.  It is up to us to choose to remain in this place of safety.  It is not some sort of prison, rather it is a safe haven to which we are granted access as we call on His name.

He hears our cries and honors the righteous requests of His children.  Our Heavenly Father welcomes us into the folds of His arms, regardless of where we have been.  He protects and provides as we remain on the path that He has laid out before us.

Though there are always obstacles along the path, He is ever present with heart and hand, ready to help us hang onto Him and all that He has promised, in the hope that is yet to come.

Thank you Father for Your loving protection and Your guidance as You lead us ever onward toward our Heavenly home.  Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. I appreciated your perspective of the surrounding mountains as a source of strength. I usually want to scale the heights, but you remind me that there are times to stay in the valley, surrounded by God’s strength and peace. God’s blessings on your writing.

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