Credit Where Credit is Due

Acts 26 tells some of the story of when Paul was to appear before King Agrippa to defend himself before his accusers.  “But I have had God’s help to this very day, and so I stand here and testify to small and great alike.  I am saying nothing beyond what the prophets and Moses said would happen.” – Acts 26:22 

What stands out to me the most about Paul’s words spoken before the king, is that first and foremost, he acknowledged his source of all.  His strength, his courage, his endurance, his wisdom, and his ability to boldly speak truth – all supplied by the Savior.  This comes as both an example and a model of great faith.

In all things and at all times, I need to not only recognize, but also acknowledge the truth that every good and perfect gift comes from God.  For without Him, I have nothing.  In Him, I can do all things according to His purpose, as He calls me.  Where I lack in courage, He will supply safety, where I am weak, He will not waiver.  Where I lack knowledge, He knows all things.  He is.  I am not.  In Him, I am abundantly able to do all that He asks.  I must surrender my “stuff” that gets in the way, and trust that He can, where I cannot.

My prayer today is that He would grow me in the courage, wisdom, and strength necessary to answer each call that He places on my heart.  He does not call me to anything for which He will not faithfully prepare and equip me.  He is good and He is love.  Today, I will make a conscious effort to give credit where credit is due.  All glory and honor to Him.  Amen.


© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

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