Faithful Flow

The ebb and flow of life’s circumstance tend to challenge one’s security in the Savior.  Questions about how things could happen if God really loved, attempt to mingle in the mind.  Each time such thoughts try to enter, I have a choice – Will I believe the lie and think that I am the exception to His loving kindness, or do I recognize that even Job, one of God’s most faithful of followers, endured many rounds in the ring, requiring him to trust big despite the bleak outlook before him? 

So often the trials are the times that I feel closest to Christ.  When nothing makes sense and my security is shaken, the arms of my Savior is the only space that seems safe.  He is near, even if we are unaware.  If He has been invited, He will not leave us, even if we are unable to feel His presence.  Regardless of my circumstance, I am to be intentional to seek refuge in the shadow of His wings.  He sees and knows, He loves and grows, so that I may become a clearer reflection of Him. 

I am surrounded by both ends of the spectrum.  Some who are near and dear to me, are in the midst of an overwhelming mess.  Fears of losing homes, jobs, and loved ones – their need is ever near.  Yet others in my circle seem in the midst of a season of blessing.  New homes, new jobs, new life.  Their season, though no longer seen, has shifted from sorrow to joy.  Their leg of the journey has found footing and God’s faithfulness is in the forefront of their minds.  God never ceases to amaze me, regardless of the season I find myself in.  He uses both the blessings and the burdens to strengthen our character and grow our faith. 

My takeaway today is to look for His faithfulness in all things.  Hindsight shows me my Savior’s presence, even on the darkest of days.  Foresight may see the same, if my outlook is through the lens of my loving Lord.  It is only as I seek Him, regardless of my circumstance, that His strength may be seen and His faithfulness found.


© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

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