Overseeing Offspring

“Keep watch over yourselves and all of the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers.  Be shepherds of the church of God, which He bought with His own blood.” – Acts 20:28  In order to keep watch over anything, I must be intentional and aware of my surroundings.  If I subject myself to things that are not beneficial, or allow myself to become overly busy, I am likely to become exhausted and unaware of what matters most.  The more I become distracted, the easier it becomes for garbage to gain ground. 
Not only am I given charge to beware for myself, but also for my children.  My boys are gifts from God, the flock over whom I am given charge,  and who I am called to raise well.  I find that instilling a strong set of Godly morals comes somewhat naturally, yet when it comes to instructing each child to a deep and meaningful relationship with God, I am in dire need of direction.  Though I rise every morning and am purposeful to spend time with Him, I do not model my intentional choice while my boys are awake.  They are likely unaware of this part of my relationship with the Redeemer, therefore less likely to develop a similar practice to become aware of His presence.  
How do I lead and keep watch over my children well, and best instruct them in the way that they are to go?  In order to do as He intends, I need God’s wisdom and His counsel.  If I lean on my own understanding, I will fall short and fail every time.  My understanding is limited, His is not.  He knit them together in my womb, and knows what each of their heart’s need most.  His loving kindness will direct my days if I submit each one to Him and am willing to listen to what He longs to speak to my heart for my children.  Each boy is wired in a unique way, so each has an individual need to make their relationship really their own. 
Each of our sons has a name that was deliberately chosen for them.  Adventurous has a name that means “bearer of light”.  Naturally, he has a gift to bring joy and laughter wherever he goes.  He loves an audience, and is a loving light to all who come near him.  How am I to encourage that light to shine all the brighter for our Savior? 
My other son, Cautious, has a name that means “Godly warrior”.  He too seems to be appropriately named, as he is honest to a fault and will fight for what is right every time.  He is quick to confess his “crimes”, and is eager to choose wisely.  The encouragement that comes from his mouth to others, combats discouragement and sorrow.  His tender heart must be protected and propelled to continue in the way in which he is to go.
It is my prayer that I might lead them as they are to go, so that even at their tender age of nine, they might move mountains on His behalf.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

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  1. We struggle with the same thing Shanny. I of course related on a lot of levels to your post today and enjoy them everyday! This one especially got to me though as we often think of the boys’ and their relationship with God! Thanks for the great morning read! Love You!!! Meg =)

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