Silent Sorrow

Such deep sorrow
strangely paired with relief
an end to the madness
somewhat hard to believe.
My heart knows not yet
what it’s meant to now feel
still trying to grasp
as it all seems surreal.
How does all that is so
fade so quickly away?
Finding tragic demise,
destroyed in a day.
Choices we choose
have a lasting affect
creating great joy
or leave ugly, a wreck.
Tragedy triumphed
trailed by despair
Heaven’s hands needed
grant Thy tender care.
Both are heartbroken
trust torn into shreds
hatred and heartache
spun in sorrowful webs.
All is now ended
stacks of paperwork signed
one’s pockets more empty
the other’s now lined.
Only God’s loving grace
can bring good from the pain
restore wholeness once more
so each may trust once again.

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