Light that Lasts

Light is a lovely thing.  It illuminates the darkest of spaces and warms where the dark attempts to cover with cold.  There are times that what appears to be a safe source of light, is actually a dangerous destination.  Wisdom and discernment are often necessary to know the difference.
As I was seated and reading the eleventh chapter of Luke, my heart held onto verse thirty-five – “See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness.”  Huh?  Light is good.  Darkness is bad.  As these thoughts wandered through my mind,  two crane flies that sought refuge in my home kept flying toward the dining room light above me.  I was quite oblivious to their presence until I heard the frantic sounds of their flapping wings buzzing before the bulb.  These creatures both flew into the light casing, attempting to climb closer to the source.  Unbeknownst to them, they could not withstand the heat and met their untimely demise.  What appeared to be beautiful and good, actually ended their lives, as they did not have the wisdom to recognize the danger at that distance.
Though there are many things that are permissible, not all are beneficial.  I need to listen to that still small voice within, and follow that which is spoken to my heart.  Much of what is out there seems good and lovely, yet upon closer investigation, it really is not.  Often, if I am close enough to see it, I also am close enough to get caught up in that which is not in my best interest.  I need wisdom and willingness to follow His direction to avoid the darkness disguised as light. 
I want the light that is within me to be His, so that it may shine bright before all who come near; that each may know of His loving kindness that is always extended and available to all who come to Him. 

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