Open House, Open Heart

Tonight is Open House.  It is an event that I anticipate with anxiousness, yet always enjoy as it actually arrives.  Meeting the parents and grandparents of my students is always a treasure as it provides further insight as to who my kiddos are, and where they come from.  It supplies a sense of the tone found in their space, and often unlocks opportunity to understand what helps individual students the most.
I must admit, I feel a bit panicked with all the preparation that needs to be done  prior to this evening’s events.  Sort syllabus, prepare materials for the day’s lessons, teach, meet my own boys at their bus this afternoon, pick up the sitter, make a meal, and then spend the evening smiling until my face hurts as I attempt to remember all of the loved ones of my students that I will have the pleasure to meet.
As always, the need for my Savior is so evident.  I need His presence to provide peace to my panic and His grace to grant order to my thoughts as I run this race of a day.  Regardless of what does or does not get done, He is still good, and I am still His.  What matters most is that I continue to be open for my Maker to meet me in each moment.  His grace, His goodness, and His love provide the peace that is needed to persist in this fully packed day, and to allow the adults of my students to know that my heart is to help their kids well.

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