Gentle Guidance

Gentleness is not necessarily avoiding the delivery of reality, rather it is extending truth in kindness with the graciousness of God.  At times truth hurts; yet there does not need to be a sting in the spoken.  I find that when words are spoken by one whom I trust, and they come beside me in love, I may not enjoy what is said, but am ready to receive the words delivered in loving kindness as the extended grace grants freedom to examine my own heart to hear what is true. 
God works that way.  He does not yell nor come at me in wrath.  He stays beside me and gently whispers His truth to my heart.  His direction (or redirection) for me is offered as I read His word, spend time in His presence, and commune with fellow followers of Him.   Sometimes the path I am to pursue is quite plain, and the answer is quickly recognized and readily accepted.  However, there are times that I am uncertain as to what exactly I am meant to do.  I go about my day doing as I think I ought to, and suddenly something in my spirit says otherwise.  It is in these moments of misstep that I am to press into His presence and find out what I am called to do differently. 
As a person who avoids discomfort and conflict at all cost, this process often takes much longer than it should.  I avoid what I fear, and I fear what I do not know or understand.  Academic unknowns are seen as an opportunity to learn, rather than places of fear.  Yet anything that is emotionally driven or can cause an extreme emotional response, is still a fearful space.  I find that rather than facing the fearful, I busy myself so that I can avoid what is right in front of me.  Fortunately, He waits for me to be willing.  Ever patient, He uses every opportunity to draw me unto Him, so that He may heal and restore those emotionally charged places that I so fervently avoid. 
I am finding that I am in a season where this is the constant theme.  His hope is to heal each place that I have passively pushed aside, and to teach me how to trust Him to help me navigate being in the moment, no matter how uncomfortable.   What I see as weakness in myself, is really an opportunity for His strength to be seen in me.  For in my weakness, He is strong. 

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