The Climb

The last few days have been spent seated in the school library learning of all the looming expectations loaded in the upcoming year.  Power Standards, Learning Targets, Depth of Knowledge, Pacing…  The list goes on.  My mind is mush and my heart is heavy, yet there is joy in the understanding that we are all on this journey together.  Some are a few blocks ahead, others a bit behind, but ultimately, we are all on the same road, with the same destination in mind.  Each of us in it to help every child succeed.

United we stand, divided we fall has never rung so true.  The monumental tasks set before us would sink anyone who attempts it solo.  However, when seated side-by-side working toward the common goal, the mountain appears more of a hill, as each hand extends to assist the weary to continue walking, even when the climb is difficult.  There have been many moments of fear, followed by the reassurance of support seated on either side.  Moments later, the roles are reversed and the reassured, becomes the one extending reassurance.

Though overwhelmed by the view ahead, my peripheral sight soothes my soul.  Perspective is paramount in pacing this race.  If I focus forward too much, I am unaware of what is directly before me and lose my footing.  If I avoid eyeing the destination, then I lose sight of the steps required to arrive.  In order to survive, and ultimately succeed, I need to peer ahead, focus a few feet in front, and continue to revisit my road map and check my mileage so that I do not lose sight of my destination.  When road blocks appear, flexibility finds footing on a minor detour that will lead me back to the required road.

Tomorrow, kids arrive and are ready to travel too.  They know not the obstacles overcome to prepare for their arrival, yet neither do I know theirs.  My purpose is to pave the way, lead and direct each one toward the destination in the distance.  For some, it will require an extended hand or a boost from behind, yet others will run ahead, ready to reach the finish line.  This road requires trust and resilience, faith and fortitude.  Face forward, feet steady – ready or not, here we come!

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

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