“He made the earth by His power; He founded the world by His wisdom and stretched out the heavens by His understanding.” – Jeremiah 51:15

 His power.  His wisdom.  His understanding.  In Him, by Him, and through Him alone does the earth and everything in it exist.  Eternal existence capable of all that is created, and all that is yet to come from forever into eternity is not only available, but He is in me.  My mind cannot even begin to conceive all that He is and all that I am not. 

 A God who has the power to make the earth, has the power to protect me and enable me to overcome any obstacle.  A mountain to me, is but a speck of sand to Him.  Nothing is too difficult for Him.  For He is my help, and what can be done, that He cannot overcome? 

Wisdom that founded the world, is more than adequate intellect and experience to know better than I, how to navigate my days.  On my own, fear and failure create fatigue and destroy my desire to persevere.  In Him, insight and clarity are provided for the way in which I am to go, and how I am to do all that I am called to accomplish. 

Understanding is essential to navigate a clear course.  He who understands how to stretch out the heavens, knows intimately the very best course of action in all things and is willing to provide insight to all who ask.  If the way is unclear or confusion consuming, I have access to the Almighty who knows and sees all.  He knows the outcome before I begin, and willingly directs my steps if I choose to seek Him.  When I seek, I find.  When I ask, He speaks. 

It seems so simple.  Slow down, take a seat, and seek the Source.  Answers are only available to those who actually ask.  The challenge is to choose to slow down and be deliberate daily.  When I draw near to Him, I am better able to hear His voice and do what is asked of me.  In His power, wisdom and understanding, He grants me the choice.  I want to choose Him.  All that He has for me, in exchange for all that I think things should be.  He is good and so are His plans for me. (see Jeremiah 29:11-13) 

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