Insight Implored

So often the road before me triggers more questions than answers.  The quest for insight seems ever elusive.  Countless “why” questions, paired with “how”.  I seek and I search, research and request – but clarification is never truly granted until the question is asked of the Almighty, and the timing is right for revelation.  He alone has THE answer.  Though solutions discovered on my own may suffice, none can compare to the command of our Creator.
If we ask Him, He will reveal to us wondrous and marvelous things that we are unable to figure out on our own.  “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” – Jeremiah 33:3
All wisdom and understanding come from Him.  If I need answers or insight, I ought to ask He who is omnipotent.  Just as a parent delights in their child’s quest for answers and gladly grants them answers as they ask, so is it also for God with us.  He who loves me more than my mere mind can fathom, is willing and waiting to clarify all that I ask to understand.  He delights in my discovery and is not threatened or offended by my requests.  As I inquire of Him, He meets me in the moment and reveals what is needed to get past the confusion and questioning so that I may press on toward the prize.  He who is wisdom, is waiting for me. 
Just as I hope to help my own children make sense of what seems bewildering, He too desires to reveal all that is true, despite how things may appear.  Clarity and purpose can clearly be seen when I am aware of His presence, and trust in His truth.  Though the answer may not be what I anticipate, it is always for my ultimate good.  For He who is ALL good, has my very best in mind.

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