Why Ask Why?

Why?  When my boys were little, why was one of their favorite questions to ask.  Often their questions led to questions of my own.  I would always answer them to the best of my ability, yet at times I would find that I was completely clueless.  In such spaces, I was quick to let my guys know that we could do a little research and find out.

Redeemed, by Kelly O’Neill

As an adult, I try to limit my own set of why questions.  I try not to ask why my friend has had to deal with battling cancer for so long, or why people go on shooting frenzies among innocent people.  I know the general reason is because we live in a broken and fallen world, and that humanity includes ugliness.  Despite a basic understanding of the reality that life isn’t always fair, I still wish that the battle that some have to endure, would not last so long.  I hope and pray to see healing come, yet wait impatiently in the meantime.

God works ALL things together for good for those who love Him… – Romans 8:28.  He doesn’t make the bad happen, but He will redeem it somehow.  Only God can turn wailing into dancing, and remove sackcloth and clothe us with joy – Psalm 30:11.  His ways are not our ways, nor are our thoughts His thoughts.  Unless my mouth is closed and my mind and heart open, opportunity for understanding in the ugliness cannot happen.

The wedding I attended last evening was an excellent reminder of just how great God is, and how He redeems even the most excruciating of circumstance.  Radiant, the beautiful bride was a shining example of just how great God is, and how remarkable His redemption can be.  She is a young woman who has been through more difficult and gut-wrenching things than any young woman should ever have to endure.  Yet on this evening, God’s grace and His ability to redeem even the most ravaging of circumstances, was so completely and clearly conveyed, that I was again reminded of how He holds each of us in the palm of His hand and makes even the most trying trials, not only passable, but makes a way for them to be utilized for the incredible.

I have seen this in my own life as well.  Over the span of two years, I have gone from the depths of despair, to a place of eager anticipation.  Two years ago, I encountered the most hellacious year of my life thus far.  I was then led into a year of rebuilding, and now am blessed to be moving on to exhilarating new.  In the midst of my mess, I had to hold onto Hope, as it was all that could keep me afloat.  As I pressed into Him, He showed me time and time again how much He loves me and how He would meet me in the middle of misery, and hold my hand and my heart.  He provided help where I was unable to help myself.

This morning, I find that my question quest is taking a new direction.  Rather than ask the question “Why?, I am discovering that the true question ought to be “How”?  How will God redeem this hard or horrible happening?  How can I be made new in the midst of my mess?  How will You meet my every need?  God is bigger than our questions and delights in granting us answers as we draw near to Him.  Though the answer may not be anything I would have ever imagined, it is always for a greater good, provided by a loving God.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

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