Treasuring Time

Flashing cursor, time is short.  What to share?  I have a finite bit of time and much to do.  That is just this morning…

We are blessed with the presence of dear friends here to visit.  We have not seen them in more than ten years.  Both families have doubled in size since we last met, and time has not created a divide.  The four kids instantly were friends, and began playing and chatting happily from the get go.  My concern as to whether or not they would appreciate our furry friends that are just outside the guest room, were quickly cured, as the moment I spoke of our dogs, their faces lit up, and their sweet, shy girl was beaming.  They told me that she would be in heaven with access to one dog, let alone, our two.

After sharing an evening meal, all four cherubs wanted to play in the pool.  In they went.  Spinning, flipping, bobbing, and splashing, with a few minor arguments over pool toys, the quad of kids was loving it.  When the arguing became apparent to have been fueled by exhaustion, soggy sweeties stepped out of the pool and into dry clothes.  A walk was in order, as sugar from their pudding was still surging through their bodies.

Off we went on a blackberry-picking, light saber wielding adventure.  The boys directed our route, and alternated between running and dueling, as we delighted in the hint of warmth that remained into the evening.  After finding a few blackberries that were ready and ripe, we continued our wander down to the beach.  Stone-skipping, log-walking, and a bit of splashing, all took place on this enchanting eve.  As the sky began to shade out the last rays of sunshine, we made our way for home.  More skipping, running and light saber battling.

Soon, there were four cherubs, two by two in the bunks in the boys room.  Despite their giggles and animated chatter, silence soon fell.  Our dear darlings were done.

This morning, as I woke to a silent house and am seated and sipping coffee, I am in awe as to how God weaves people in and out of our lives.  Our dear friends are from New Zealand, living in Germany, and I met them in Montana many years ago.  Despite the distance, our hearts found one another familiar in a familial way.  We are all firm in our faith, and find comfort and rest in one another’s presence.  Though their visit will be much too brief,  I am choosing to make the most of every moment.  This is why I am up and ready to spend a few hours on the mural before the sun has actually had time to fully rise.  Life is good and God is great.  He blesses in wonderful ways, and this evening, yet another dear family that found friendship in Montana all those years ago, will join us for time together.  I want to be in the moment, and savor each one.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

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