Coronation Day

Yep, it is true.  Today, I will receive a crown.  Sadly, it is not an ornate bedazzled sort of headdress, rather it is fashioned from porcelain and meant to be ground down and adhered to my tooth.  This particular tooth has been an irritant for months now.  I have not chewed anything on the left side of my mouth in ages.  Every so often I get brave and attempt to chew something soft on that side, and am promptly reminded as to why I do not.

Despite the dysfunction of the tooth’s current state, I dread the thought of the digging and grinding and drilling.  I do not particularly enjoy dental discomfort, especially as I have extremely “nervy” teeth and blow through novocain before every procedure is ever complete.  My dentist always knows when the numbness has worn off, as my eyes exponentially expand at the horror of newly found nerve pain.  I then have to make a decision as to whether to tough it out for a few more minutes, or take the booster shot and have partial paralysis on one side of my face for several more hours.  Neither option is appealing, and by this point, I am ready to run for the hills.  I always get through it and leave with a smile on my face (though sometimes a crooked one), regardless of the agony that I have endured.

Again this morning I found my thoughts wandering as I woke, only to discover that a lesson was lingering in all of this.  I sit in my brokenness and dread the process of healing.  I don’t like digging or prying to proceed in painful places, and I certainly do not desire to have raw nerves exposed.  However, in my current state, I am not fully functional.  If I allow the rotten, infectious spots to remain, the pain will persist and ultimately will spread to other spaces.  It is only in going through the painful healing process that I am restored and renewed.  Places previously off limits, become new-found gifts that are waiting to be utilized.

As I march boldly into that dental office and allow my dentist to do the work necessary to bring healing in my mouth, I need to also boldly enter my Savior’s presence and allow His healing in my heart.  I will attempt to embrace my new crown and regain the ability to chew on both sides of my mouth.  Likewise, I will remember that the ultimate crown is already on my head, as I can confidently claim that I am indeed a daughter of the King.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. Wow! It’s so obvious how God uses your blog to touch me in those tender places that I can relate to so well. Thank you for being vulnerable and transparent so that God can speak to others through your heart. Bless you my friend!

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