Transcending Terror

I find myself in such a strange space this morning.  Somewhere between terror and trust, as I attempt to process the reality of what transpired in the wee hours of the morning.

Super Spouse works late, as his employing industry caters to late night crowds.  This morning when he wandered into our room and crawled into our bed, I could feel something amiss in the air.  As I willed my lids open, I asked the familiar question, “How was your night?”  Unbeknownst to me, this was a particularly loaded question this morning.  His response, “do you really want to know?”  My head, heart, and hands all reached toward him to reassure him that I did indeed want to know.  Visibly shaken, the story of what had transpired such a short time before, began to unfold.

The restaurants he oversees are also connected to a night club within the massive space where he works.  Though he does not work in the night club, his path on any given shift passes the club, and on many occasion he has been called on as a visible presence to persuade peace, as his very stature can intimidate the agitated.  On this particular night, things became very ugly, and someone pulled a gun and fired several shots in the club.  Five people were shot before someone tackled the shooter to the ground and ended the tirade of terror.

Though exhaustion seemed to overtake him before he divulged much of his personal response, his heart was heard when he expressed his gratitude that none of his fellow employees were harmed.  To me, this speaks volumes.

My first thought as he explained what had ensued was THANK YOU JESUS FOR PROTECTING HIM.  Each night as I put the boys to bed, we always include protection for Daddy as he works and as he travels home, in our prayers.  In my own limited understanding, my idea of protection was to keep him safe from the hazards found in the kitchen – sharp knives, hot stoves, etc., not for fighting fatality.  I am so grateful that God sees and knows the reality, and is not limited by my take on things. 

For me, this is a radical reminder of the power and the pertinence of prayer.  Heaven hears our hearts when we call on Him.  He is faithful to provide protection and His peaceful presence even in the eye of the storm.  “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” – Matthew 21:22  In the days to come, I imagine I will have a renewed passion as I pray.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


  1. Oh Shanny, I am s grateful Chris is ok and safe. How terrifying. Thank you God for protecting him, thus you and the boys’ indeed. Love to you all. Always. XO

  2. Oh my gracious!!! Thank you Jesus for protecting Chris!!! I’m so thankful he is home with you. Praying for those who were caught in the crossfire.

  3. Oh wow! Thank you Jesus for protecting him! I love you so much my friend, and my prayers are with you and your man while you deal with the emotions brought on by this tragedy!

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