Deliberately Designed

From sketch to fruition, this process of moving a drawing into a larger-than-life mural, is really becoming a reality.  Day one, we managed to completely paint the monstrous foyer wall white.  In doing so, the entire entry became brighter and more cheery.  Once complete, the canvas had been properly primed for day two.

Today marked the start of our second day.  Despite a minor mix-up with white paint that wasn’t actually white, the design has begun to take form as we have chalked and penciled many of our main lines.  Also, we completed the first spot of colorful paint with a brilliant and bold purple.  Somehow, through the addition of painted lines, this entire project took on a new form.  It was as if by adding color, the sea of possibilities began to rise out of our waiting wall.  The vision that seemed so clear in its original sketch, now unfolding into actuality.

I wonder if that is how God sees us?  He knows how we have been designed, as He is the Designer; and He, by giving us breath, is adding paint to the canvas of our lives.  If we come to Him, He will add color and lines and details.  He will create a beautiful portrait from muddied piles of paint, if we are willing to allow Him to work.  His love is the primer that covers the stains and scars.  The shield of His sacred sacrifice, washes our canvas clean, so that He may create, without blemish or scar hindering His design.  The more we move toward Him, the clearer His design becomes, as presence permits us a pass to peek at the masterpiece in the making.  He grants us glimpses of His design for our lives as we draw near.  I imagine too, that at times throughout the process, He stands back to not only view what is before Him, but to envision that which is yet to come.  The longer we walk with Him, the clearer our portrait becomes.

Daily, I have a choice.  I can either move more toward the Master, and allow Him to bring His design to life, or I can go at it on my own, and never see past the end of my own existence.  On my own, I move toward my own ambition and desires, which simply do not have the capacity to mold into mastery. In Him, I am being transformed from a blank canvas to a magnificent masterpiece.

I would much prefer to become a masterpiece, rather than remain a muddied mess.  It is only by His grace can anything glorious be grown in me, so that it may in turn, be given to others.

“For we are God’s craftsmanship, created in Christ to do good works…” – Ephesians 2:10

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present


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