Vacation Adventures – Day 3

Day three – it began

with the sun streaming in

quickly heating the tent

exhaustion did win.

I climbed out on the lawn

in search of fresh air

with sleep deprivation

I had not a care.

Found food for the boys

and some for myself

content were the fellas

and doing quite well.

Next a quick shower

to wake and revive

then off to the dock

to ski and survive.

Warm water like glass

invited me near

“Hit it” was shouted

then soaring – no fear.

I cut through the glass

to the left and the right

the length of the lake

held on with my might.

After my skiing

the water stayed still

then on to some tubing

so each gets their fill.

Alas, plans were thwarted

when the motor she clanked

jostled and jolted

spit oil, went blank.

Sad was the leaving

before we were done

back to Wenatchee

where our trip had begun.

This is not where it ends

there is more to be said

our return it granted

good food and a bed.

And better than that

a treat just for me

date night out – for our


Sometimes intentions

are not as we thought

plenty, His blessings

His love being taught.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

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