Vacation Adventures – Day 2

With the witnessed wedding behind us, and the open road ahead – all that was needed were some specific directions and a destination.  Super Spouse and I decided to take the trail to Moses Lake.  Neither of us have ever actually been there, so the decision to explore a new vacation location together sounded quite appealing to all.  Mom has Sundays off too, so we invited her to join us on our adventure for the day.  She followed us on the road with both boys as her companions.  Bonus for her to have company, and fabulous for us, so that we could actually talk and listen to music rather than be drowned out by a kid movie or the various grating sounds provided by electronic devices.
After a minor mishap with communication between getting gas and buying ice for the cooler – we were off!
The vast expanse of the Wenatchee Valley gave way to the fertile croplands of Quincy and beyond.  Minor musings ensued as we read the clearly posted signs, identifying which crops were growing in the fields of color as we passed.  Toe-tapping tunes serenaded us as we drove on.  Before long, we had made our various interchanges and had merged onto I-90.  About ten miles out, glimpses of what glimmered ahead of us appeared.  Soon we pulled into our camping destination and checked-in. 
First order of business on this hot and sunny day – drop the boat in the water to play!  As newly dubbed boat owners, Super Spouse and I have been fumbling our way through launching and loading our little boat.  Often it takes us several tries – which often include gracious gifts of grumbling…  This time however, SS backed that bad boy up on the first try, and we were in!  SS took the boat around to find the cove (where we could moore the boat rather than take it in and out every time!) and I was off to park the trailer and minivan.  Meanwhile, Mom entertained the cherubs with their picnic lunch on the lush green grass.
Once I had the van parked and the cooler unloaded, I wandered over to the cove.  Upon closer inspection, I recognized that actually finding the cove, was going to be a challenge.  I ran across the lawn between the cove and the launch, in hope of flagging down SS, to guide him between the two walls of long swamp grass that were hiding the cove entrance.  Sadly, just as I reached the edge of the launch area, I saw him go sailing past, heading toward the bridge.  Uh oh, this could either be amusing or agonizing.  Fortunately, the freedom to preview our surroundings and the cool breeze found in speeding across the surface, granted joy, rather than frustration.  SS spotted me as he rounded back, and navigated his way through the jungle-like brush to the cove.
Soon, the five of us were joyfully leaving the dock, with enthusiasm for the fun that was about to ensue.  SS, Mom and I hadn’t eaten, so we flew across the lake to a quiet corner, and shut off the engine to drift.  Both boys bounded onto the inner tube to float on their own little island as we ate.  After the food was quickly consumed, cautious child and I were first up.  We sped around the lake, soaring over the wake – to and fro, to and fro – smiles plastered on our faces as the cool water refreshed.  The waves grew and the fear increases as boy hands could no longer grip the tube handles.  Switch.  On to the next boy.  Adventurous soul and I soared over wake and bounced about with silly grins.  Until…  One big wave caused a face slam for adventurous, and he decided he had reached his limit.  Next up, Mom and me.  Together we leaned to sail across our wake and bounced around as the sun beat down.  We had quite a run, before determining that we were done.
We all drove together into town to explore and enjoyed one another’s company.  After identifying the highlights around the city, we made our way back to camp to set up.  By this time, Mom needed to head out, as she had to get home so she could prepare for work the next day.  Goodbyes were said, and she was off.
After a delightfully “nutritious” campfire meal, we made our way back to the cove to take the boat out for another run.  SS handed me the wheel and I took us on the grand tour at top speed.  Big man and Adventurous were being jostled about and Cautious and I giggled quietly with the throttle completely open.  We soared across the lake, over wake, under bridges, around giant clusters of sea grass, all the while two delighted cherubs waved wildly at each passing boat.  As we neared our cove entrance, the boat suddenly stalled.  I jokingly said that I must have worn it out, only to discover I had run us completely out of fuel…  Super Spouse kindly guided us to the nearby boat launch (for our campground), disembarked, and offered to hang out with the boat if I would go and replenish our fuel supply.  Sounded fair to me!  I took the empty tank and the two cherubs, wandered up the hill to our van, and we were off for the nearby station.  Fortunately, it only took a short while, and we had fuel reconnected to the fuel line so that Super Spouse could return the boat to the cove.  
Blessed by the fact that we had run out of fuel so near our destination, and grateful that it was an easy fix, we tied up for the night and made our way back to camp.  Smores and smiles, tunes and tent followed.  Delight in the blessings of the day, despite the vampire mosquitoes that had found my neck, we made our way to close the day and drift off to sleep.  Ahhh…  The sweet sound of semi-trucks on I-90…  Oh well, it is vacation.  Who needs sleep anyway?

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