Vacation Adventures – Day 1

Time to escape as a family – at long last! 
My Super Spouse works long hours into the wee suggestion of sun up, and then makes his way home to spend several more hours studying, before he is at last able to seek sleep.  This week, he has five glorious days off in a row, and we decided that a nice “old school” camping and boating vacation would be great for us and our two boys.
Day one, Saturday, I woke at 5:00am to pack and organize as much as I could before needing to wake my sleep-deprived spouse from his short slumber.  I tiptoed about the house, in hope of allowing all three guys the extra sleep, and managed to finish the dishes in the kitchen, pack the bags, and set out clothing to wear on the drive and the wedding appropriate garb to change into upon arrival at stop number one.  My goal to depart by 7am, quickly was adjusted to 8am, as Sleepy Spouse had much to do to prepare the boat for its pull over the mountains.
By about 8:05am, I began to feel a bit anxious, as a dear friend’s wedding was to start at noon, and the drive takes at least three hours.  The boys woke, Super Spouse had to make a store run, and I dashed from room to room to be certain that I had packed all that was needed, cleared a trail for our friend to take to feed the pups, and ironed male wedding wear.
Car loaded, children accounted for, doors locked, and we were off.  Quick stop to make at Ace, then we were off.  Okay, it was 8:47am and we were just making our way to the highway…  As the family’s designated driver I pushed my old minivan as hard as I could, considering the cargo space was laden with camping gear and the boat was in tow.  I was a driver with a purpose and there was going to be nothing to keep me from making it to that wedding by noon. 
We managed to plow through our entire journey without any stops, despite complaints of hunger pains and potential pit stop possibilities.  Mom’s house was reached at 11:20am, and her house is less than twenty minutes from the wedding location.  Okay, we are going to make it!  Ten minutes later, we were all changed, ironed, snacked and pottied, and on our way out the door.  With Map quest directions in hand, we were set.  Or so I thought…  There was a mix up between Main Street and the main street in town.  The actual Main Street was nowhere to be seen, and time was ticking.  Miraculously, I was able to reach my friend on her phone.  She said, “No worries, we haven’t started yet.”  Yes!!!  We were going to make it.  Ten more minutes of mistaken directions later, and I again looked at the printout.  Uh oh, how did I miss it?  We were to be in the next town over.  Ugh!!! By this time, the wedding was sure to begin, and we would simply miss it. 
I offered a hopeful prayer of “Oh Jesus, please help us to at least make it for some of the ceremony!”  When we finally found the correct road and followed the trail of balloons to reach our destination, we could see the bride and groom up front with the minister, with everyone sort of waiting.  I then realized that the sound of the nearby passing train was holding up their nuptials!  We arrived just as the train was nearly past, and were able to witness the ceremony in its entirety!   
Such a simply prayer, offered without actual expectations, and my loving Daddy delivered!  It was a treasure to witness my dear friend’s vows, and more importantly, to be able to be present to support her in this monumental occasion in her life.  Added to our timely arrival,  the patience of three saints in my guys, and my Mom’s ever-present smile, the makings of a fabulous first day of vacation began.

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