Waging War

The battle is raging
like never before
pockets of darkness
wreak havoc, cause war.
This fight is elusive
it’s not flesh and blood
emotional anguish
apathetic flood.
Wounded lie bleeding
ignored and alone
blind eyes can’t see them
past aches of their own.
Shrouded by sorrow
and hindered by fears
silenced by anger
kept quiet for years.
Arms reaching forward
extended in grace
lovingly waiting
ready to embrace.
It is we who must seek
if we hope to find
for heaven awaits
with our hearts in mind.
For with every step
our hearts will be healed
worn and the weary
hell’s sentence appealed.
Rise up oh warrior
and ready to fight
battle in power
the end is in sight.
Destruction is done
when placed on the throne
the only true King
His presence made known.
Removing our debts
and loving the lost
the battle is over
He paid at the cross.


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