A Review of New

This morning as I woke at 6:41, rather than 4:10, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all that I’ve been given.  One child to my right, gently velcroed to my side, and the other boy stealthily stepping off the end of the bed to go play with a newly acquired toy – the trophy for a triumphant report card.  The biggest boy, (aka spouse) sleeping soundly after a long night at work.  As I silently stepped out of the laundry room to feed our two sweet pups, I was gregariously greeted by puppy kisses and wildly wagging tails.
Making my way to the living room, I again saw one large and one less-large, sleeping guys.  Quiet humming greeted me as my stealth son was sprawled out on the couch, contentedly playing with his new purchase.  Sweet smiles were sent my way as he continued to explore his wonderful world of imagination.
Coffee in hand, I sit and reflect on the whirlwind of this past year.  It has been quite an adventure.  The best summary I can muster is it has been a year of being made new. 
It began with stepping into a new position in a new classroom with new kids.  Five new classes filled with moldable minds and hearts hoping to soar.  Though the learning curve was gigantic, God’s grace was greater.  Where my spirit had been nearly destroyed, it is now nearly rebuilt.  Daily, I was provided with reminders as to why I do what I do.  Fostering endurance and resolve in middle-schoolers is often a monumental task, yet when they embrace the understanding that hard work does pay off – the reward is remarkable for both student and steward.
My own children have stepped past the primary world of total reliance on parents, and have found a new sense of independence.  Where they previously needed verbal cues to move forward each step in preparing for the day, has become an independent routine that simplifies the entire start to the day for my sleep-deprived spouse.
As for me internally, my heart is being made new.  Places previously packed away, with the intent of never again reviewing the raw, are being pulled out of cowering corners.  Hidden hurts are being placed in His outstretched arms as He removes one brick at a time from my emotional fortress walls.  God’s grace is providing glimpses of what is yet to come, as I continue to allow Him access to make the paralyzed places new.  He provides where I lack, and orders opportunities for openness in safe settings. 
I know that there is much new yet to come.  I am a work in progress until the day I meet Him face to face.  I am so glad God is not finished with me yet…

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