Temple of Trust

Over the past many months, my world has been shaken by an epidemic of friends fighting cancer.  One friend in particular, has allowed me to travel this road beside her, gaining insight and understanding that was previously not even on my radar.

She is a courageous warrior, waging war on the unseen.  Though the impact of the disease can be felt, as bone pain imparts pandemonium on an active lifestyle, it is an invisible invader, fighting for control in God’s temple.  Her resolve to remain active and her unwavering faith, inspire me daily.  She loves to dance and she loves to hike.  Each week she faithfully attends dance, conquering the complaints called out by her core, as battling bones fight on.  As for hiking, her energetic enthusiasm to master the miles with a spring in her step – nothing short of inspiring!

Though her physical feats are fantastic, the thing that inspires and challenges me the most, is her unwavering faith.  She knows that though the cancer is attempting to cling to her core, the battle is not hers.  Her hands are held securely in His, as He lovingly leads her along this rocky road.  Despite the fear, she forges forward to trust.  As she attends appointments, her primary concern is not for her own outcome, rather she waits, listens and shares, as she recognizes the impact that her attitude may make in walking this particular path.  Her humor brings joy to potentially painful places, and her spirit soars in scenarios where most would sink.

This battle is not an easy one, but resolve to trust and run the race, provide promise for remarkable results in this life and beyond.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present.


  1. Prayers for the SAME MIGHTY POWER that quickened our Lord to OVERFLOW Anne…NOW… Nothing is impossible for God, thank You, Lord! We agree in faith for Anne, taking hold of the Lord’s weapons of warfare, which are mighty THROUGH HIM to the pulling down of strongholds of cancer, and all illness and we LOOSE ALL of God’s great healing promises over Anne, for He heals ALL our afflictions, praise the Lord! in Jesus Name, in His authority, and in the Holy Spirit’s power, praying for His Kingdom will to be done here on earth as it is done in heaven, and for His glory! Lord, visit Anne today…and raise her up, in Your mighty name, all glory to You and You alone, Amen, amen and Amen.

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